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Things to do on holiday in Greece


What you can do on holiday in Greece much depends on the nature and location of your holiday.

Beach holidays in Greece

If you have come to Greece for a beach holiday, you may wish to spend much of your tiime swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing. Most people opt for a beach holiday on one of the Greek islands.  There are always tavernas for meals out and clubs in towns for night life.  One of the nicest things about a coastal holiday in Greece is finding that taverna built over water, or overlooking the sea where you can enjoy great Greek food with sea views, waves gently lapping and dreamy sunsets.

Exploring the ruins of Greece

Greece offers so many historic sites that it is difficult to choose. The most popular ones are:

There are however numerous others. Greece has  along chequered history of invasion. You will find Venetian and Ottoman influences everywhere.

Nature holidays in Greece

Much of Greece is left to nature, wild flowers grow everywhere excpet the concrete jungle that is Athens. If you like seeing meadows thick with multi-coloured daisies in spring, poppies daintily nodding on a summer's day, thyme creeping over rocks and wild campanulas thriving in the cleft of a rock then Greece is for you. Greece in spring is like the garden of Eden.

Holidays in the Greek islands and island hopping

Greece has a vast number of islands, each with their own character. Some have featured in films such as 'Captain Correli's Mandolin', or 'Mama Mia', others such as Mykonos are famous as the 'gay capital' of Greece. Each island is beautiful in its own way.

Rural holidays in Greece

The mainland of Greece is dotted with remote villages where you can find peace and tranquillity in the most stunning settings.