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The Marathon

The origins of the Marathon

In 490BC there was a terrible and hard-fought battle between the Greeks and would be invaders - the Persians. The people waited anxiously to learn their fate, but the battle was raging over 42 kilometers away and there was no news. And then, one foot soldier came into view, on failing feet, his life almost drained from him, he told them that the Greeks had won and then collapsed and died at their feet. 

The route of his journey was from then on known as the Marathon and this event was revived for the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. The race starts at the historic site of the battle of Marathon and then tracks down along the beautiful coastline past Neo Makri to Rafina and then inland through Pallini and Agia Paraskevi and onwards towards Athens. As the glorious marble Panathinaiko  ( or Panathinaco ) stadium comes intoview, the winner knows that a rapturous welcome awaits, just ahead, within thefamous arena. 

After more than one hundred years, the Olympic Games will return to Athens. 

Dates for the Marathonin the Olympics in Athens 2004

The Women's Marathon will take place on Sunday 22nd August and then Men's Marathon on Sunday 29th of August 2004.

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