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Holiday accommodation in Santorini

Santorini on account of its legends, stunning villages and high cliffs has to be one of Greece’s top island holiday destinations. Rising like a jewel out of the sea, Santorini is a sight to behold and is associated with the legend of the lost city of Atlantis. The high cliffs of this volcanic island rise dramatically out of the sea and the island is nothing short of unique; its volcanic origins, cliff top villages and black sandy beaches give this island a very distinctive appearance. The local architecture, with its white-washed walls and blue-domed churches may look familiar to you as Santorini’s beauty has inspired many a photographer with its absolutely classic Cyclades village views.

The most southerly of the Greek Cyclades islands with its history and unique geography, Santorini is sure to make an impression.

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Santorini is a sophisticated island. This is reflected in the up-market restaurants and bars and the summer jazz festival. Prices are accordingly up-market.

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