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The Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens and accommodation for the Olympics in 2004

The Panathinaiko Stadium was first constructed in 330BC.  At this time is was considered pleasing to the gods to hold games where the skill and strength of the athletes could be seen, and of course, in Athens, the people wanted to honour their patron goddess, Athena, with their very own games. The Panathenean games were organized and a glorious marble stadium was constructed on a site between two green hills.

In 1896 the renaissance of the Olympic Games breathed life back into this stadium and it was rebuilt to host the first modern Olympic Games.

Today, the marble stadium still stands between those two green hills, in the center of Athens. This historic stadium will host the archery competitions and will also be the splendid end point of the Marathon.

For those staying in the centre of Athens, Kolonaki, Pagrati or Metz the stadium is within walking distance. If you are staying further away then take the metro to Syndagma and then enjoy the walk (it should take about 20mins) or take a number 11, 2 or 4 trolley bus from the otherside of Syndagma square (just along from McDonalds, outside the post office).

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