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Olympic Games Athens 2004


In August 13th - 29th 2004, the Olympic Games came to Athens. The various Olympic venues were mainly in Athens and its environs. Click on the name of your chosen area to view properties available for rent.

We highly recommend a trip to Olympia, the historic home of the Olympics. Olympia is in the Pelopponese, south of the Corinthian Gulf in mainland Greece. With a little imagination you will be able to envisage the original Olympic village, marvel at the scale of it and view artefacts preserved in the museum.

There is also a historic stadium in Athens and other dotted about Greece. Delphi has a stadium in addition to the settlement associated with the Oracle. It all contributes to the image of male physical perfection and prowess admired by the ancient Greeks.

Athens has great public transport links. The three lines of the metro cross over much of Athens and one line runs from Pireaus up to Kifissia and stops along the way include the Olympic Stadium in Irini.

 Low cost, frequent buses and trollies run all over the city, and taxis are plentiful and amongst the cheapest in Europe. The main routes out into the suburbs run from Omonia and Syntagma Squares.  



Olympic venues in Athens and their location to the districts of AthensOlympic Venues and their location


Olympic venues in Athens Rough guide and map to Olympic Venues in Athens

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Accommodation for let for the period of the Olympics is gradually coming online.  Please click on links below to find what's available just now. 

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accommodation in Athens 2004


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