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A rough guide to the location of the Olympic Venues in Athens
If you're planning to attend the Olympic Games in Athens and Greece, 2004, you may wish to find accommodation that is within easy reach of the Olympic venues that match your interest.

Getting around Athens

It's relatively easy getting around Athens using the metro, trolley buses, or taxis.  All public transport is very cheap with many ticket options available.  Driving is fine if you can read the Greek alphabet, have a strong sense of humour, and infinite patience.  You will require advanced parking skills.  The car horn is used as a matter of course in Athens - with an infinite number of meanings; not just a warning sound. 

Points to note: 

You can purchase tickets for the trolley buses at the small kiosks on the main roads.  On entering the bus, these tickets must be validated using the machine in the bus. You will see other passengers doing this.

Taxis are an easy way to get around Athens.  Negotiate your fare on entry. 

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Rough Guide to the main and other Olympic Venues in Athens

Olympic venues in Athens 2004

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