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Meteora and Holiday Accommodation in Thessaly

The Amazing Landscape of Meteora

The area of principal interest within Thessaly is Meteora. The world famous phenomena consists of pinnacles of conglomerate rocks, standing up to 450m above the flat plain. This breathtaking place is a religious experience as well as geological phenomena. In the 14th century, orthodox monks began the, seemingly impossible, task of building monasteries upon these rocks. In years gone by, the monks used to be hoisted in baskets up to the summit. Nowadays, some of the monasteries are open to the public (there are steps). In neighbouring Kalambaka, the 12th century cathedral contains awe-inspiring icons and frescoes. 

Meteora is a place on earth that some would say is unlike any other.  Meteora is certainly unusual.  Being in the place you have a feeling of being somewhere special and highly unusual.  Some would even say that the landscape around Meteora is other worldly.  Strange tall columns of rock are characteristic of Meteora.  Some appear as lonely giants standing tall in the flat landscape whereas others gather together as part of a more mountain feeling setting.  One thing is certain, these rock formations are geologically fascinating but also wonderful for the imagination.  Adding to the appeal of the natural wonder and phenomenon that is Meteora, are the many monasteries that have been carved out, high up within the hard protection of the rocks.  These monasteries were safe havens for monks who hid themselves far away from the outside world in their rocky protected worlds.  A number of these monasteries have beautiful frescoes and it can be awe inspiring to walk through corridors and rooms carved out from the rock and enjoy breathtaking views of the world below.  

The main town in Meteora is Kalambaka which is surrounded by some awe inspiring rock formations.

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