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Holiday Accommodation in the Sporades Islands, Greece

The Sporades Islands lie off the eastern coast of Greece in the Aegean Sea.  They feature some of the most popular beach resorts in Greece. There are regular package tours from the UK to Skiathos and Skopelos. If you're more of an independent traveller, it's sometimes good economic sense to buy a spare seat on a charter used for package holidays and then either travel in central or northern Greece, or enjoy a combination of resort and travel. The package holiday including accommodation can frequently cost much less than a scheduled flight.

Find accommodation to suit all budgets for your short or longer stay in the Sporades, Greece: 

  • hotels, 
  • apartments, 
  • villas,
  • pensions, 
  • rooms, 
  • camp sites,
  • yachts and boats,
  • youth hostels.

Please click on one of the areas below to find accommodation in that part of the Sporades, or usethe Feature Pages menu on the left to browse through more holiday accommodation in Greece.

Areas in the Sporades Islands, Greece:

Holiday accommodation in Allonissos in the Sporades islands Greece Allonissos  
Holiday accommodation in the island of Kyra in the Sporades Greece Kyra  
Holiday accommodation in Peristera Sporades Greece Peristera  
Holiday accommodation in Skatzoura Sporades islands Greece Skatzoura  
Holiday accommodation in Skiathos Greece Skiathos  
Holiday accommodation in Skiropoula Greece Skiropoula  
Holiday accommodation in Skopelos Greece Skopelos  
Holiday accommodation in Skyros the Sporades Greece Skyros  

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