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Holiday accommodation in Attika, Mainland Greece, Olympics 2004

Attika isthe area around Athens in mainland Greece.  Several of the Olympic eventswill be taking place outside Athens, in Attika, for example, the equestrian andshooting events at Markopoulo (list of venues for Olympic events).Mainland Greece in Spring

Find accommodation to suit all budgets for your short orlonger stay in Attika, Mainland Greece: 

  • hotels, 
  • apartments, 
  • villas,
  • pensions, 
  • rooms, 
  • camp sites,
  • yachts and boats,
  • youth hostels.

Please clickon one of the areas below to find accommodation in that part of Attika on theGreek mainland, or usethe Feature Pages menu on the left to browse through more holiday accommodationin Greece.

Areas in Attika in mainland Greece:

Holiday accommodation in Koropi Attika mainland Greece Koropi Holiday accommodation beside the sea in Neo Makri Attika mainland Greece Neo Makri
Holiday accommodation in Loutsa Attika mainland Greece Loutsa Holiday accommodation in Pallini mainland Greece Pallini
Holiday accommodation in Marathonas  Marathon Attika  Greece Marathonas Holiday accommodation in Rafina Attika mainland Greece beside the beach and ferry port Rafina
Holiday accommodation in Markopoulo Attika mainland Greece Markopoulo Holiday accommodation in Sounio Attika Greece Sounio

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