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Tourist Attractions in the Centre of Athens
Places of possible interest in the centre of Athens
Looking across the road near Hadrian's Arch near the National Garden



Between East and West

Athens offers quite a tremendous cultural experience because of its location between east and west.  The music, food and culture incorporate aspects of the Arab world as well as Europe.  You will no doubt sample a Greek kebab whilst you're in Athens.  The word kebab originates from Arabic. 

Appreciating Greece

The Olympic Games in 2004 attracted a new set of visitors to Greece. 

A large number of people already appreciate much more about Greece than the sun, sand and ouzo, although these are admittedly great attractions in themselves.  Some people like to visit Greece to discover more about ancient Greece, enjoy the breathtaking scenery, friendly people, and the natural good things in life.  It takes a little time to see all that Athens has to offer and to get a feel for life in Athens.  You will get the most out of your holiday to Athens and Greece if you prepare beforehand and find out about the places of interest to you.

Travelling around Athens

Uneven or unusually high steps can be a hazard when walking in AthensPublic transport is very cheap in Athens.  The Metro and buses will take you to almost everywhere you want to visit.  Many of the attractions in central Athens are within walking distance of each other.  Use taxis for anywhere else - negotiate your fare and take life easy.  Remember that it is not unusual in Athens for taxis to take more than one fare, so although you may already be in a cab, taxis will sometimes also pick up other passengers.  Make sure you negotiate your fare in advance to ensure against misunderstandings.  Parking and driving are frustrating in Athens.  As a tourist it's best not to bother. 

When walking, wear suitable footwear and do watch your step.  Pavements are uneven with all sorts of hidden dangers for the unwary.  Many buildings have basements with unguarded steps leading down to them, or unexpectedly high steps such as the one on the right.

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