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Places of Interest in Greece

The main places to visit in Greece are the fascinating ancient historical sites.  Greece has a wealth of ancient sites where you can enjoy visiting the remains of buildings that are thousands of years old.  Many of these sites have their own museums with their own collections of relics and monuments from ancient times.

Some of the best monuments are to be found in and around:

  • Athens, the capital city of Greece attracts many.  Whether you choose to spend your entire holiday in the capital city of Athens or whether you will only be stopping off for a few days, there is lots to see and plenty of entertainment in Athens.  Some visit Athens for the entertainment alone and to see Greece's capital city but many visit the city to view its ancient landmarks including the Acropolis and Parthenon. 


  • Meteora - this part of Greece is in Thessaly, and is part of Greece with strange rock formations which house historical monasteries, high up on the rocks.  In and around this part of Greece it is not uncommon to see cotton growing in the fields.


  • The beautiful Greek islands.  Particularly popular for summer holidays.  The Greek islands are popular with those looking for summer beach holidays as well as those looking to relax and get away from it all.  If you want to mix historical sights with an island holiday why not consider the holiday island of Mykonos where you can take boat trips to the fascinating uninhabited island of Delos with its mosaics and interesting history.  Another option is Rhodes which is home to some fascinating archeological sites.


  • Delphi in Greece is a beautiful place to visit where you can breathe in the scent of pine and learn about this fascinating place.