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Essential information about self-catering holidays in Greece

The Greeks

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To the English the Greeks may seem very excitable and expressive.  It is quite usual to see Greeks talking loudly and waving their arms about.  This doesn't mean that they are necessarily annoyed with each other, although this will sometimes be the case.  Do remember, the Greeks certainly do not share the English sense of reserve.  In the Greek culture there is not the same emphasis on manners and politeness as is the case in the UK. 

Remember when interacting with the Greeks that they do not have the same cultural norms as the Brits.  Greeks are generally a direct people.  Try not to take offence if they speak directly or in a way which may even seem aggressive to British people, the Greek and the British cultures are really quite different.  One benefit of this direct approach is that when dealing with the Greeks you may find them warm and friendly which can only be a bonus when visiting Greece. 


The Euro

The introduction of the Euro to Greece has meant that Greece is no longer a cheap holiday choice for many British people.  Do remember that prices are just as high if not even higher for the Greeks themselves.  With a bit of careful planning though there are ways of economising when in Greece.  Although you may not want to eat in all the time during your holiday, staying in self catering accommodation means you have the freedom and flexibility to do so if you wish.  With self catering accommodation you can do a supermarket shop, buy your food in and save on meals out.  Do treat yourself once in a while though as you want to relax on holiday so it's important to eat out now and again.

Also whenever the opportunity arises why not take a picnic when you are going on a day out?  Take a cool box with you when going away and then pack some sandwiches and drinks.  If you just buy icecreams when you are out and about this can certainly help you keep your holiday spending down.

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